Nov 102018

Time to stop the hate

stop the hate

Yesterday and today marked the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht in Germany. The Kristallnacht was the 24 hour period over November 9 and 10, 1938 when the Germans damaged or destroyed more than 1400 synagogues, prayer…Continue Reading

Nov 022018

Change is scary


I spoke several weeks ago about milestones. This week I want to speak about change in our lives. Change is scary and it brings with it a certain amount of apprehension. People who fear change…Continue Reading

Oct 262018

Hate never wins

hate never wins

This past week has been a gut-wrenching week. We have experience something that many people in South America and other parts of the world live with everyday. A very sick individual mailed bombs to all…Continue Reading

Oct 122018

A life full of milestones


This year is my twentieth year of being a priest and a Bishop. I have not really celebrated this milestone. Rather, I have spent time reflecting on milestones in my life. Yesterday we celebrated National…Continue Reading

Sep 222018

My son’s hard lesson

hard lesson

People can be cruel sometimes. My son works hard at everything he does and despite that, there are people his age who work to make him feel like crap. They bully and harass him routinely…Continue Reading

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