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Sorry we missed last week. But here is this week's newsletter!

We hope that you will help spread the word about our little parish. Help us to grow and spread the love of God to all we meet!

We hope that you will come and celebrate with us. We are a fledgling Old Catholic Parish in the Augusta, Georgia area. We believe in equality, inclusivity, and love! All are welcome to participate fully in the life of our parish.

If you want to know more about what we stand for, feel free to read our Parish Covenant located at our Saint Francis Covenant Page.


Bishop Greg

Upcoming Mass Schedules

We hope you will join us for Mass every Sunday at 3:00 PM. We are located at 2321 Lumpkin Road in Augusta, GA.

August 12, 2018 - Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - 3:00 PM - The gifts of God that the angel brought to Elijah---food, water, rest, and encouragement---were given, not for his own good alone, but to strengthen him for service. How am I using my gifts to serve others? Join us for our Secular Franciscan meeting after Mass.

August 19, 2018 - Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time - 3:00 PM - “Those who seek the Lord want for no good thing,” says today’s Psalm. But in the second reading St. Paul reminds us that, thus blessed by the Lord, the good steward should “give thanks to God the Father always and for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Thoughts & Prayers

Intentions from our own parish:

Please keep Bishop James St. George; Bishop Michael Gifford; Father Brian West; Kelsey West; Father Bryan Wolf and his husband; Ruth St George; Father Ken Nelan; Bishop Godsey's health; Erica; Sam; Kit; Father Rick Romero and Darlene; for those still recovering from the recent gun violence; and growth of our parish in your prayers this week.

Prayer Requests from Saint Miriam Parish in Flourtown, PA:

Please keep Marilyn, Patricia, Alan, Emma, Jerry, Jessica, Abigail, Donna, Andre, Amina, Keith, Kevin, Beverly, Lucy, Lebers, Ruth, Jerry, Donna, Father Bob, Gerri, Ruth, Maia, Magnuson Family, Davis’, Peggy, Gabrieles, Bishop Ken, Jill, Losang, Bridget, MaryAnn Harrison’s mother Anna, Sarah, Josie and her husband in your prayers.

If you have a prayer request you want added to this list, please send it to Bishop Godsey.

Pastor's Blog

Learning to deal with change

The past two weeks have been interesting to say the least. I have been helping out with High School Band Camp and we acquired a new kitten. While those may seem unconnected, they are connected by a common thread: learning to deal with change. We have several pets ranging from very young to rather elderly. Our other cat is almost …
If you would like to have a Mass offered at Saint Francis in the memory or in honor of a loved one or friend, you can visit to schedule a Mass. Right now Masses are offered on Sunday only and we have many Sundays currently without intentions. Mass cards to send to the family or friends informing them that you have asked for a mass to be offered for them or their loved one are available upon request.
Visit our calendar online to see the schedule for our lectors and other ministry team members:
Our Secular Franciscan Group will begin meeting soon. Please let Bishop Godsey know if you are interested in becoming a Secular Franciscan!


You might not know this, but here at Saint Francis we do not take up a collection. We believe that when we gather for Mass, we should focus all our attention on the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Stopping to take up a collection diverts our attention from the most important task at hand, spending time with Jesus!

If you would like to donate to our parish, you can do so by leaving a donation in the basket next to the service books in the back of the church or by visiting our website. You can set up reoccurring donations or make a one-time donation at

As you can see from the link, our site uses state of the art security to protect your financial information from beginning to end.

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We are also proud to announce that you can support Saint Francis every time you buy something at! You can visit and every time you shop, Saint Francis will get a small donation.


We are listed in the GuideStar Nonprofit Directory. You can view our information at


You can also support Saint Francis every time you shop! Sign up for an iGive account and every time you buy something online or with your registered payment source, they will donate to our parish. You can sign up by visiting

Thank you for your generous support! It is your support that keeps Saint Francis moving forward.
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