Apr 112019

Palm Sunday and the human experience

Palm Sunday and the human experience

Palm Sunday is the ultimate reminder of the human experience. Jesus entered Jerusalem to shouts of joy and praise. Less than a week later, the very same people would be calling for his execution. They turned on Jesus so quickly! If they could do that to someone who had healed the sick, feed the hungry, and raised the dead, why would we think that people would not turn on us.

I have experienced that type of behavior dozens of times in the church. People who said they loved you, people who claimed they would stand by you forever, turn on you at a moment’s notice. They have various reasons for their actions, but in the end it is really because of their own brokenness.

I have had some people get very angry at me for talking about brokenness. “I am not broken! Being broken is a bad thing!” It is all about perception. If you view your brokenness as a bad thing, then you will react negatively to it and any situation that might bring it to light.

However, I choose to see my brokenness as a good thing! It is my proof that I lived my life. I experienced so many things in my short life here on earth. In addition, some of those experiences left scars, they left little cracks and breaks in who I am. They made me the person that I am today and for that I am thankful!

Celebrate your brokenness. It is proof of a loving God. God loves us and uses us even with the cracks and breaks in ourselves. Without those breaks and cracks, we would not be able to relate to other broken people. We would not be able to share with them the reality that their brokenness makes them stronger and better.

Moreover, let’s start living a life that celebrates the wide breadth of our experiences. Celebrate the fact that you have lived a life full of experiences that makes you a stronger and better person. And let everyone know that we are not diminished by being broken individuals, rather, it makes us a better version of ourselves.

At Saint Francis, we celebrate our brokenness. We celebrate our uniqueness. And we want you to join us in our journey!

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