Mar 282019

Your good IS good enough

Your good IS good enough

Sometimes the good we do is not good enough. At least for some people it is not good enough. This week has been an endless parade of that simple fact.

For Pastor’s like myself, this is almost a way of life. No matter how hard we work, no matter how much we sacrifice, no matter what we do, it will never be enough. There will always be those who will blame us for the issues in their own lives. They will work to discredit us, attack us, destroy everything we have sacrificed to build.

And despite all of this, we work to build sanctuaries for those that suffered abuse and are hurting. We continue to build schools for those who cannot afford education and homeless outreach ministries for those viewed as unworthy of help. Even while under attack, we continue to minister to the sick and dying. In our deepest pain, we still are there for you, the parishioner who sees our work as not good enough.

Let me say this to parishioner and clergy as well: Your good work IS good enough. I refuse to allow those who are unwilling and unable to see their own brokenness to continue to make me question my self-worth. God called me to ministry to help those willing to accept help. I am not called to force those who don’t really want help toward help.

As the old Saturday Night Live skit with Stuart Smalley used to say, “And I’m gonna help people! Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me!” This is my new way of thinking. Because 90% of our own health and outlook is based on how we view ourselves. I will no longer accept that my good is not good enough. Instead, I will focus on doing the best I can and allow those who wish to detract from my hard work to find a different path.

You are good enough and so am I. And together we will continue to do good works for those who need and are willing to accept our help.

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