Feb 022019

Trust in God is not an option

Trust in God is not an option

God reminded me of an important lesson that I should have learned a long time ago. Trust in God is not an option.

My dear brother, Saint John Parker, Jr, a Bishop in our church until his death in 2003, used to say that very phrase all the time. I was by his side when he died on August 28, 2003. He bled to death when the cancer breached his carotid artery. He knew he was dying and that his wife and I could do nothing to save him. With his last bit of strength he signed to us that he loved us. His very last act on this earth was to make the sign of the cross. To his very last moment, he lived that statement. He believed that trust was not an option.

As you all know, my family has experienced a very difficult time over the last month. There have been many ups and downs. Setbacks and slow forward progress as well. And then we found out that we would not have any income for a while. My heart sank and my stomach started its predictable rotations.

Today, a dear friend and fellow worker in the vineyard of our Lord, came to me with some assistance. It was out of the blue and completely unexpected. Then, as I sat here preparing to write this posting, I had an issue with the church servers and went to fix them. Everything crashed and nothing would install or correct.

I despaired again. As I sat here in tears, Deacon Dana came to my rescue with love and support. In what was only a miracle, suddenly the answer came. And everything fell into place. The server is back up and seems to be no worse for the experience.

Twice in one day God reminded me that trust in God is not an option. I failed the test, but learned from the experience. We as Christians claim to be followers of the Christ, and as such that means that we should trust him. Part of love is also the ability and/or desire to trust God.

Today I was reminded of this truth. I ask for God’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of my church family for not trusting more. And I ask you to join me in this journey toward total trust in God.

Together, we can overcome any obstacle if we only trust God.

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