Jan 042019
New Year – New Goals

This past week we ushered in a New Year and I spent time in the hospital with pneumonia and the flu. It was a chance for me to reflect on many things in my life. It also reminded me of the great many things we take for granted in our lives.

As I lay in the Emergency Room and listened to the conversations in rooms around me, I was reminded that we all take life for granted. In a moment’s notice, we could find ourselves without our loved ones or even dead ourselves. As I have said before, I intend to tell people how I feel about them as often as possible. I do not want to leave this world or have them leave without knowing how I feel about them.

Another thing that I noticed is that we worry about the most insignificant things. How much money we have, how many possessions we have is not important when they lower you into your grave. What will matter is how we treat each other and how much we love one another.

We also take for granted all the great opportunities we have. We have a parish here that spreads the message that God loves everyone. We work to accept everyone and work toward equality for all. This is a special place and a safe place. And you can be part of our parish! You can be the one that helps our parish grow beyond what it is today.

In 2019, resolve to spend more time in fellowship with others. Resolve to tell those around you just how much you care about them. And resolve to love more, grow more, care more, and spread the word of parish more!

And beginning living our different kind of Catholic Faith!

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