Dec 282018

The Holy and Unconventional Family

The Holy and Unconventional Family

On Sunday we will celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. Continuing my theme from last week, I want to talk about family again. This time, I want to talk about the unconventional Holy Family. This posting may seem rather controversial, but hear me out.

The Christ Child had a rather unconventional family. You see, Mary was impregnated by the “power of the Holy Spirit” (Luke 1:35). In many traditions, the Holy Spirit is considered to be feminine in nature. Add to that the belief that Jesus was God the Father’s “Son” then you have Jesus having two mothers and two fathers! This is not what most people of faith would consider a “normal” family.

However, I believe it is just as it was intended to be. We speak about how Jesus was a person like us in all things. It would stand to reason that even in his own family life, he would experience a wide breadth of what family meant. In this one family we see an unwed mother, a step family, and an LGBTQ family. This is amazing and wonderful!

Last week I talked about how we can choose our family when it comes to who we spend our time with. Likewise, we as a church can be proud of all the various types of families that make our churches part of their families. We need to learn to accept all families!

Here at Saint Francis we do not judge those who walk through our doors. We looked to support them with our prayers and encouragement. This type of support is rare in the church. Many churches expect you to change or be perfect before they can support and encourage you. We believe that you are special and unique just as you are. It is our job to help you continue to grow spiritually and that does not require us to regulate your relationships and families.

This week, come and join us and find out what it is like to be part of a church family that loves and supports you just the way you are!

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