Dec 212018

Christmas is the time for real family

I get depressed around the holiday season. Many of us do. Mine comes from so many terrible family gatherings during the holiday season. And, of course, the many Christmas’ when there was nothing under the tree.

Over the years I have learned that it is not what is under the tree that matters. I have also learned that it is about those I celebrate Christmas with. However, I have also had to learn that it is also about learning to stay away from those people who make Christmas a fight or a struggle.

Christmas should never be about putting ourselves in situations that make us uncomfortable or cause us pain. We have to take care of ourselves during this time of year too.

As I watched the Longest Night Service from our sister parish of Saint Miriam in Flourtown, PA, I was reminded that I was connected through the miles to a family in PA that I love dearly. I was connected in their worship, in their pain, in their love, and in their joy. They too are my family and I love them dearly.

The thought also came to me, I want others to feel this love, this connectedness. That is why I invite so many people to join us at Saint Francis. You do not have to continue going to churches that do not accept you for who you are. There is no reason for you to hide who you love or who you are just to fit in at church. You can be a part of a family that loves you just the way you are and who will embrace your entire family!

Christmas is the perfect time to connect to a family that will support, embrace, and love you. Come experience that kind of love and support at Saint Francis!

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