Nov 242018
Thanksgiving and growth

This week I was reminded of a very important part of being a church family. Sometimes being a family means that we have to reach out to others and share that family experience. On Thanksgiving Day, we had a chance to do just that.

Too often we allow ourselves to become comfortable in the familiar. We like to sit in our usual pew, go through all the usual motions, and talk to the usual people. Sometimes we need to be jogged out of our comfort zone and expand our horizons.

That is how we as Christians grow and how we as a church family grow. Inviting our friends and family to join us at church helps us all grow as a family. And it challenges our comfort zone as well. Spending time getting to know others helps us to better help others as well.

As we welcomed in new people to our Thanksgiving Dinner, I was reminded that sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone to see Jesus in others. Once we recognize Jesus in others, we can better connect to them and help them through life’s journey.

This weekend, take a moment to invite others to visit with us. If you have never visited our parish, take a moment to join us for the great Feast of Christ the King.

Come and experience a different way to be Catholic!

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