Nov 162018

A different perspective on failure and loss

A different perspective on failure and loss

Sometimes we lose. And sometimes we feel like we have failed. But we are not losers or failures. We are human beings living the human experience.

We are not going to win every single time we set out to. Likewise, we will find ourselves behind schedule, reassigned, even fired sometimes. This does not mean that we failed. It means we have things to learn.

We have to change our perspective of loss. If we view loss as failure, then we allow it to control our feelings and perception of who we are. We are not failures. Rather, we are trying to live life and sometimes things happen.

I have suffered so much loss in my life. I have been there and felt like a tremendous failure. My desire is to change my own perspective of these events in my life. It is not easy. I know how difficult it is.

On some Sunday afternoons, as we prepare for Mass, I find myself staring out the door with an empty church behind me. I fight back tears as the feeling of failure hits me. My mind starts playing all the harsh words ever spoken about me and how I will never amount to anything.

I turn toward the altar, toward Jesus in the Tabernacle, and I start our celebration of the Mass. I join my prayers, the celebration of the Mass, with all those celebrating around the world. We offer prayers for those who ask for our prayers and for those who have no one to pray for them.

And then I feel better. I feel like I have connected to something bigger, something greater than me. Likewise, I feel a sense of belonging and love. No longer does it feel like failure. No, it feel like a great accomplishment!

This is the change in perspective I am talking about. Above all, we should realize that we can learn and grown even from our loss, our feeling of failure, and our brokenness. This is the most important thing we can do right now.

Come join us this Sunday to experience this love and sense of belonging!

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