Oct 122018
A life full of milestones

This year is my twentieth year of being a priest and a Bishop. I have not really celebrated this milestone. Rather, I have spent time reflecting on milestones in my life.

Yesterday we celebrated National Coming Out Day. One of the milestones in my life was the day I came out as a bisexual. I don’t speak about it much because some people see bisexuality as meaning that I want to have relations with anything and anyone that moves. They do not understand nor accept that I am happily married to a wonderful woman and have no interest in a relationship with anyone else.

We like to put people in neat little boxes and sexuality is anything but neat. It is fluid and can change throughout one’s life. This is something many people find hard to understand or accept. But we are called to accept all people just the way they are. Even if that means accepting their changing understanding of who they are!

That is one of the major things that upsets me as I look back on my life of milestones. Throughout my life I have worked to help others. Giving of myself until it hurts or even damages me. And so many times, my work is belittled, ignored, or denigrated. I have spent many years questioning why I continue to try. Each time I come back to the same conclusion.

I continue to try to help others, to be a force for good, and to change the world because I want to be proud of the person in the mirror. I want to be able to sleep at night knowing I did all I could to make the world a little better. There are so many people who need someone to love them, and I want to make sure there is someone there to love them!

At the end of my life, I hope and pray that I will be remembered as someone who loved too much, cared too much, and did too much to change the world. The opposite is not acceptable in my book.

Join me in being a positive force in our world. Let us make milestones of goodness part of our legacy!

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